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fuentes, our law enforcement analyst is on the phone joining us rights now. walk us through, tom, what happens in an incident, shots are heard at a major u.s. airport like this. what's the normal standard operating procedure? >> well, the first thing, wolf, would be to try to isolate the shooter and determine if he can be apprehended or did he do the shooting and take off running to another location in the airport. obviously, a key factor would be trying to rescue and provide medical assistance to anyone that was wounded there. and especially with life-threatening injuries to try to save them. the next step would be evacuate all the other innocents out of that airport in case this turns into a situation where the individual wants to shoot it out with the police and they end up with bullets flying all over the airport. so they'll want to get innocent people out of there, the wounded out of there. isolate the location. basically set up a perimeter of some kind and then begin the effort to search that terminal and determine where that individual is. the person may have run into a restroom
learning more about the suspected shooter, paul ciancia. according to a federal law enforcement official, he was carrying materials including an anti-tsa rant and a reference to a new world order. ciancia lived in los angeles, but he is from new jersey. police have been at his family's home in pennsville, new jersey. according to the police chief, the suspect sent text messages to his family yesterday, ranting about the government. >> basically, the text message was just a message to the little brother and the way it was written, they had some concern about it, and that's when they brought it to our attention. >> the chief says officers informed police in los angeles, but then it was too late. >>> from the moment the first shots rang out, it was chaos at l.a.x. cnn's dan simon reports on how it all happened and the personal stories of the people who had to run for their lives. >> this is going to be a major, major incident, working here at l. l.a.x. >> reporter: los angeles international airport, 9:20 a.m. local time. the fbi says 23-year-old paul anthony ciancia enters terminal 3, pulls
or massachusetts health care reform program into law with senator kennedy standing by watching him. so it's a little bit of a statement as president obama responds to some of the republican criticism that he's also getting.nding for headline. >> here is fred upton, chairman of the committee. >> good morning. energy and commerce committee welcomes the president's point person on health care, secretary sebelius, as part of our continuing oversight of the health care law. and we look forward to a thoughtful conversation on a number of issues including transparency and fairness. over months leading up to october 1 launch, the secretary and her colleagues at hhs repeatedly looked us in the eye and testified that everything was on track. despite the numerous red flags an lack oall systems were a go. but something happened along the way. either those officials did not know how bad the situation was or they did not disclose it. ed a sli, here we are now five weeks into enrollment and the news seems to get worse by the day. was down last night at 5:00 p.m.. it alsos of down on monda
under the obama health care law. but she insisted because there are so many more options now because of obama care, people can eventually get lower priced health care policies. but that was very difficult for her to explain because it is a confusing process. you saw republican after republican showing stories, telling anecdotes about constituents having problems getting on website. that was an important kind of learning experience that people who are watching this could get. understanding why if they got a letter from their health insurance company they were losing their health care and what they could do in the future. of course, because you have a lot of republicans, in fact all of the republicans there opposed the law to begin with, it was a little bit interesting to hear them complain about the process that they didn't want to happen in the first place. >> dana, stand by for a moment. this is an exchange that kathleen sebelius, the secretary of health and human services had with congress woman marsha blackburn, republican of tennessee. >> so who is responsible for overseeing this
. this is a current statute require this a law enforcement officer be able to provide prompt responsiveness with problems at screening check points. definition of prompt has been interpreted broadly. a uniformed standard should be applied to all category x airports which would examine a law enforcement officers within 300 feet of the passenger screening area. joining me now on the phone to talk about this letter is one of the authors, marshal l mcclain. we appreciate you joining us. were you involved in any effort to move airport police away from tsa checkpoints at l.a.x.? >> good evening, thank you for having me. let me explain, that letter is from an affiliation of sorts. three airport police associations on the west coast middle of america in dallas fort worth airport and new york, new jersey port authority. so we wanted to add a standardized plaque across the nation in ou security profiles would be throughout the airports. what we are doing at l.a.x. is not the same that new york's doing and not the same that dfw is doing. so we wanted to insure that we always have the correct amount of
scrutiny, as white house officials admit some plans will cease to exist under the law. >> it's true there are existing health care plans on the individual market that don't meet those minimum standards and, therefore, do not qualify for the affordable care act. there are some that can be grandfathered if people want to keep insurance that's substandard. what is also true is americans who have insurance on the existing individual market will now have numerous options available to them. >> reporter: president obama making an obama care pitch to young people. you must sign up for health insurance to avoid a fine. >> when you look at the number of young people who actually want health insurance but are having trouble affording it, the fact we're making it affordable for them for the first time, that's a big deal. >> reporter: a new study shows 70% of eligible americans between 18 and 34 can now purchase coverage for less than $100 per month. that's if they can sign up. health was knocked offline sunday, along with the data hub that verifies eligibility for government subsidies.
here, as you see a tremendous law enforcement presence at l.a.x., hearing from a number of eyewitnesses here and looking, as you can see a couple different boxes on your screen. aerial pictures, right side of the screen, a bunch of planes just sitting there around terminal three, and on the left-hand side of the screen, this is the passenger pickup and drop-off area which has become sort of this makeshift triage area as well. and in the last hour or sore so, we have seen people, as has been dubbed a multipatient incident. multiple people injured. we're working to get an update on the injuries, as we mentioned, one of whom is a tsa agent. sarah richardson is on the phone with me. she is at l.a.x. sarah, are you with me? >> yes. >> let me just ask you, first of all, how are you? are you okay? >> i'm okay. >> tell me -- i hear your voice. let me just begin, let's start at the beginning. and if you can, just tell me, i understand you weren't quite through airport security when you heard shots, is that right? >> we were about to go through the security. >> sarah, are you okay? >> yeah. >> i
. and step number two is getting information to folks that the law even exists. >> this is what is so, so important. big picture here, the young people. and many of them don't even know this law exists. and those who do know it exists are trying to logon to a website that doesn't always work. it young healthy people cannot or do not sign up for health insurance, can obama care be saved? with me from washington, two of the best a.b. stoddard, associate editor of the hill, and ryan lizza. hello to both of you again. >> hello, brooke. >> hello, hello. you both watches the hearing along with us. i want to ask what piqued your political interest in a minute. first, this is the list we wanted from you. three ways to save obama care. we asked you both for your prescriptions. a.b., i'm beginning with you first. taking a look at your list, you say fix the website. you say, increasesebelius. >> right, you say increase penalties for opted out, and number three, launch a p.r. campaign of obama care happy stories. a.b., let me hone in on this increasing penalties for opting out. what do you mean? >> w
and people who bought private insurance after obama care was signed into law. or if that insurance changed, for example, after obama care was signed. then we all know now, your insurance could go away. it's not clear how often they told people that insurance companies might cancel positions because they didn't comply with obama care and that's happening, too. the administration points out this is information that's been out there a long time and in a statement today, the white house said in part, these protections will improve the plans that insurance companies offer today unless you're in the same plan that you were in when the law passed which is grandfathered out of these changes. in other words, nothing in the act forces people out of their health plans because the law allows plans that covered people at the time the law was enacted to continue to offer that same coverage to the enrollees. so it's a little bit complicated. there might have been an oversell when trying to get this through. >> a lot of people now who like, presumably liked their plans are being told they're no longer eli
at the bottom of the hour, i'll speak with hln law enforcement analyst, mike brooks, about that option. is it serious, is it realistic and would it have prevented this attack. mike brooks joining me late they are hour. >>> other news we're following. if you're thinking about applying for obama care notice middle of the night on the east coast, think again. a message on says the online application will not be valk from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. eastern every night. obviously central, rocky mountain, pacific time zones earlier. being taken down for repairs. the administration is working to fix problems that have plagued the site. officials have promised it will be functioning well for most users. the vast majority, they say by the end of the month. president obama goes on the road this week to make another pitch for the affordable care act. last week it was boston. this wednesday the president travels to dallas. eel thank local volunteers for helps consumers enroll in health care plans. and the president getting help from hollywood. elizabeth cohen has details. >> celebrities
security people. >> law enforcement source tells cnn before the repositioning, airport police officers complained to the union about being board with the assignment of being stationed behind the tsa checkpoint. do you think that could have prompted a switch? >> i don't know why they were board. i issue is, i think over time, i think that whole issue of airport security has evolved. i think initially when it was set up, they thought the primary point of danger was at the checkpoint when people were going to be searched. when they are going through the system at the particular point and you needed law enforcement there to protect the tsa officers and to take people into custody if they should show up at the screening with weapons or items that they shouldn't have. again, it was always where they were positioned after they went through the screening point. the key is, they wanted to move up front because you can see and determine a great deal of what may be occurring or what is about to occur, if you have eyes upon the arrival of people showing up at the airport, watching people leaving.
in the courtroom. a big blow to the president's affordable health care law over birth control. >> first up, toronto's mayor made an admission today. he has made mistakes. but he has no plans to resign. even though pris claim they have video showing robl ford smoking a crack cocaine pipe. nick, the mayor, can we say he's defient, even though he is apologetic? >> he ses certainly digging his heels in. he mentioned he made an apology about unspecified mistakes. it's been a tough couple of months when allegations reportedly that he smoked a crack pipe. it alleges to show the mayor smoking a crack pipe. the police chief says they finally got their hands on that video and they have evidence, as has been reported in the media today on his radio show. ma mayor rob ford addressing toronto. >> i want the police chief bill blare to release this video for every single person in the city to see. that is the right thing to do. and, chief, i'm asking you to release this video now. whatever this video shows, whatever this video shows, folks, toronto residents deserve to see it. and people need to judge for themsel
each of you, mr. johnson's family, the law enforcement agencies, the local community, and all of those interested in or have been affected by the tragic circumstances, that my goal, in fact my oath requires, me to follow the facts, apply the law, and now protect the independence and objectivity of this investigative process. thank you all very much. >> all right. there he is, michael moore, u.s. attorney, in georgia, announcing they are reopening the case into the mysterious death of 17-year-old kendrick johnson earlier this year. you saw family members, they are xleerly pleased. they had been searching for answers into the death surrounding 17-year-old kendrick johnson and are very, very pleased. you see the family and friends in valdosta, georgia, right now. just a moment, we'll talk about what happened with cnn legal analyst sunny hostin. victor blackwell doggedly chasing the story for more than six months and walks us through what happened. >> reporter: months of protests. sit-in and marches have shaken the small south georgia city of valdosta. demonstrators say they want answers i
? >> we started chatting about the fact that law enforcement is telling us they found material, anti-tsa, anti-government, this concept of the new world order, which is a conspiracy theory that is out there that some people believe that elites are going to form a new kind of one world government if you will. so, we talked to some fbi profilers who have served in the past who say, wait a minute. yes, maybe. but there may be something much deeper here, much more indicative of basic anti-social behavior. i want you to listen to maryellen o'toole, a former senior fbi profiler. >> my sense would be that he got into this through the internet as opposed to personal interactions with government agencies where he was treated impolitely or treated badly. and, again, the thought process for someone who decides my life's not going well, i'm angry at everybody, i blame everybody for what's happened to me, that thinking process takes a long time to develop. it doesn't just happen two weeks before the incident. >> so, clearly this was someone that had some very anti-government feelings, anti-tsa fe
today. really a bombshell when you consider that russian law earlier this year condemned, quote, homosehomosexual propaga children. it sparked worldwide protests and threats from athletes to boycott next year's winter games in sochi. well, now president vladimir putin has a pledge most folks did not see coming. gay and lesbian athletes and visitors will be welcome. phil black is live for us in sochi, russia, and phil, why now? why the sudden change in stance? >> well, you're right, brooke. there has been a lot of anger over that law in this country which makes it illegal to tell chin that gay and straight relationships are equal. it's been branded diskr discriminatory. it's an attempt to cool down some of that international anger. there were even called to boycott the sochi games so he's going out of his way to allay some of the concerns. he made the comments to the president of the olympic committee. he was proper happy to hear him because the ioc has been trying to walk an uncomfortable line about voicing concern about discrimination and not offending russia about its sense of
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have to look at this. >> thank you so much. >>> at the center of president obama's health care law, the insurance marketplace crashed tuesday night and was down almost all day yesterday and we finally know who we can blame for this debacle. health and human services kathleen sebelius falling on the sword, taking responsibility. but that's not all she said in the hearings yesterday. she said a lot of things that made us say, what? >> i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of so let me say directly to these americans, you deserve better. i apologize. and michelle schneider is not responsible. hold me responsible for the debacle. the website has never crashed. it's at a low function and low functioning. the problem's being resolved but we know we don't have a fully functioning system. >> not fully functioning because the website was down again for a time this morning. it's back up now, but, still. the president says he still stands by sebelius but a lot of americans are asking why? why doesn't he fire sebelius or someone? this morning joining us c
, according to a federal law enforcement official. when shots were fired, people in terminal 3 ran for their lives yesterday. cell phone video obtained by tmz shows the chaos as officers yelled at people to get down. >> clear? on the floor! on the floor! on the floor now! on the floor! >> go, go, go! >> on the floor! >> come on, you guys. >> go, go! [ alarm sounding ] go, go! [ sirens ] [ bleep ] this is crazy, dog. >> and there you see, without recitation, people taking off, running for their lives in terminal 3 at l.a.x. the scene stunning and terrifying. police shot the suspect several times in the chest, according to an intelligence source. our affiliate kcal got this exclusive video, and appears to show the suspect handcuffed to the stretcher. the suspected shooter lived in l.a. but was from new jersey. chris lawrence is in pennsville where the suspect's family lives. so, chris, what has been going on outside the home? >> reporter: well, fred, the police have been posted outside the home since yesterday. the family was inside since then talking with officers. a lot of confus
shooter, paul ciancia. according to a law enforcement official, he was carrying materials, including an anti-tsa rant and an reference to a new world order. chris lawrence is in pennsville, new jersey, where the suspect is from. chris, his family members and even those who know him have been saying a little bit about him and how surprised they are about these events that unfolded yesterday. >> reporter: that's right. i mean, it came as a complete shock to a lot of people here who knew the family. but when you dig a little deeper, fred, and try to find people who were really close to paul ciancia himself, who had longtime social ties with him, it becomes very, very difficult. he grew up here. spent most of his life here. had only moved to l.a. about a year and a half ago. but i talked to one young man who knows his younger brother, who says it was very hard for him to think of even one person that he knew paul was still friends with, and kept in contact with, here in his hometown. so neighbors are very surprised by this, and inside the house, the family is obviously still trying to co
have been lawful and at the rigorous oversight we've operated under has been effective. >> here are a couple questions. these are the biggies. what did the president know? when did he know it and what specifically depends on who you ask. the senate intelligence committee chaired by diane feinstein, she says, we knew nothing, claiming they were kept in the dark about what the nsa was up to. but other officials say president obama or at least his white house staff knew all about it. the president while not admitting or denying anything, is trying to calm this diplomatic storm with the promise of a review. >> we give them policy direction, but what we've seen over the last several years is their capacities continue to develop and expand, and that's why i'm initiating a review to make sure that what they're able to do doesn't necessarily mean what they should be doing. i'm not here to talk about classified information. what i am confirming is the fact that we're undergoing a complete review of how our intelligence operates outside of the country. >> joining me now, bob bair. as we'r
equal and every single american deserves to be treated equally in the eye of the law. we believe that no matter who you are, if you work hard and play by the rules, you deserve the chance to follow your dream and pursue your happiness. senate is expected to vote on the legislation later taoday. >>> a white house official says there has been no cle inside ci snowden and believe he should return to the united states to face justice. the joints reaction comes after a german magazine published a let frer snowed, in it is he says he's seeing a positive reaction to disclosing classified information and that he wants the united states to stop treating him like a criminal. >>> this just into us. a major announcement from blackberry. it is abandoning all plans to sell the company. the company ceo will also be stepping down. confusing, right? our chief business correspondent christine romans is in new york to explain this to us. >> this is the gdemise of the crack berry. the worker bees used it. in washington, on wall street. the close has slowly unbound, the stock down 20%. they have halt
on the spying after a german official accused the u.s. of "breaking german law on german soil." but mike rogers defended the nsa surveillance sunday saying it was well-regulated and essential to keeping americans and europeans safe from terrorism. >> i think the bigger news story here would be, candy, if the united states intelligence services weren't trying to collect information that would protect u.s. interests both home and abroad. >> reporter: jim shoe tciutto, washington. >>> the administration is blaming a vendor networking issue, saying an attempted fix actually resulted in crashing the system last night, a spokesman for verizon says the company immediately began working on the problem to fix it as quickly as possible. >>> all right, go sox, a little bit of history made in last night's world series game for the very first time ever, the fall classic ended on a pickoff. st. louis's colton wong was tagged out at first base. the red sox beat the cardinals 4-2, evening out the series 2-2, game five takes place tonight in st. louis. >>> still to come, conrad murray, you know the name and the
amounts of data from you, internet search engines, google and yahoo! thanks to this loophole in the law. the government is reluctant to snoop, which is a problem because right now there is one area going virtually unchecked. i'm talking about the so-called dark net. the deep web. this is a place where you can buy anything from elicit drugs to hitmen and all of it under the radar. joining me now, lev grossman senior writer for "time" magazine cover story. called secret web where drugs, porn and murder live online. lev, welcome to you. gosh, reading, reading this piece, i mean, to access this deep web, people have to download the certain software. so, once you're actually in this deep web, what is it? what exists there? >> it looks like regular websites. i thought you must have to be some sort of expert hacker to get on this thing. it's not the case at all. you download the software and it takes about two minutes and you set it up and it's free. and then you start browsing and, you know, within five minutes you're looking at stuff that you would never want to see. child pornography, weapo
in the tunnel and transport folks, law enforcement officials say there will be more. >> and i would offer this to the drug cartels, we are by no means finished here. and don't say we didn't warn you. you go underground, you're going down. >> reporter: law enforcement underscoring that the investigation has just gun and they're talking tough to send the signal to drug dealers whether they go urged the border, over it or in speed boats, that they will have surveillance and they will bust them. it is concerning to them, though, that cocaine was found in this tunnel. that indicates to them that as they say right now, that the drug cartels, that they are more desperate than they have been in the past. and the problem here in southern california is that the amount of hard drugs, co cacaine and hero and others have been coming in in greater amounts. and the price for drugs across the country and the world have been going down. >> mig gel marquez reporting. still to come in the "newsroom," new rules for using electronic gadgets onboard an airplane. what do passengers think? that's next. [ male an
is saying, hey, it's one thing for those guys to do it, but you're the top law dog in the city, and now you're talking about it. well, let the people decide for themselves. the chief is hiding behind the rule in canada, it can't go out unless it goes through the court system and eventually the case. the mayor is saying there is no case. >> what do you make of the fact the mayor is saying show the video? i want everyone to see the video. the police contend he's smoking crack. >> either he's smoking crack because it's so stupid. >> why would he want to show everyone the video? >> or he knows he didn't. he may be shown doing something inculpaatory, like smoking pots or cigarettes, but he knows it will not show it shows him smoking a crack pipe. >> where do you think it goes? >> at some point, it's going to come out, whether through judicial order or through the media, through a leak. because i live in america, it's always going to come out and everybody is going to decide for themselves. i seem to remember a mayor somewhere like washington, d.c. with something like this similar happening. >> y
his commitment to ensuring that we do everything we have to do within the law to keep america safe, keep americans safe and keep our allies safe but that we do so in a way that reflects the need to find balance and to -- that can arizes this sincere security, i mean rather privacy concerns that americans have and that others have around the world. >> and the "wall street journal" article that has been mentioned in this briefing, the main thrust of it is that the president was unaware that you this kind you have surveilance was going on of foreign leaders in the interview that the president gave with speaking of conflating, i'm going to be grouping a couple of things. in the interview with sanjay gupta, kathleen sebelius said the president was not aware of the problems with the website before it launched october 1st. even back whether he the irs was at issue in may 13th, the targeting of political groups the president at that time said he learned about that through news reports. is there a concern in the white house of the administration that the president is being kept in the dark
Search Results 0 to 26 of about 27 (some duplicates have been removed)